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Refer Aging Safely Walk In Bathtubs and make money.

We pay a minimum of a $100.00 Referral fee for referrals that lead to Aging Safely gaining a new customer for a walk in bathtub. There’s hundreds of possible purchase combinations and sometimes the referral fee can be in excess of $500 or more depending on what is purchased, if it was installed by us or not, and what type of installation was required. Other variables such as adding options can increase referral amount as well.

We need your referrals and paying you well for them is something we love to do. If you know someone who could benefit from a walk in tub, wheelchair accessible tub or soothing warm air hydrotherapy please be sure to contact us directly with the referral name so you can receive full credit. You can call us at 1-720-495-5497
Or email us at

You may apply referral fee as discount as well if desired. Only 1 referral fee is paid out per referral. Referral must purchase a product from Aging Safely Walk In Bathtubs to qualify for marketing referral fee.

Do you have more than one referral? You should contact a representative today to enroll in our Affiliate Referral program.

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