Aging Safely Walk In Bathtubs can be used as a replacement for your regular bathtub. It can also be installed in a spare room, laundry room, bedroom, etc.

The plumbing is hooked up from below the same as a regular bathtub.

Aging Safely only sells tubs that come standard with a LIMITED LIFE WARRANTY against leaking. Part and labor warranties vary. Please schedule a consultation for specifics on a walk in tub.

Cleaning and maintenance is the same as your regular bathtub for surface cleaning. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS. See owners manual for whirlpool water jet maintenance, periodic cleanings are required.

Most of our walk in tubs come in both a white or biscuit color. Custom colors are available upon request.

The prices of our tubs vary by model and options. If Pricing is not listed on this site please Contact 1-888-779-(BATH)2284 for current pricing.

We offer a variety of tubs made from the highest quality acrylic, triple gel coat, and fiberglass.

Yes, we offer air, water hyrdo and dual jetted systems.

The Baths come in a variety of different sizes. To find out more about walk in tubs, please visit our Products page. You can also give us a call to speak with one of our friendly representatives or invite us to your home for a free consultation. Picking the right tub for your body size and particular needs is essential.

Yes, Right and Left Door tubs are available as well as front entry.

Both, Aging Safely offers a “worry free” installation service, or you can have your own licensed plumber install it.

It depends on the county or municipality. Some do require a permit, some do not. You must contact your local permitting office to see whether or not they do where you live. Also some geographic locations require IAPMO certified walk in tubs, so it is important you find out if there are certifications requirements where you live. Aging Safely “worry Free” installations include this research.

In many cases no, however there are many variables to take into consideration. It is recommended for most tubs to at least have a new 50+ gallon tank. The older the water heater, the less efficient it will be, having a lower output rate. Depending upon the exact size of tub, size of body that is displacing water, and exactly how high up bather wants the water will greatly effect how big of a water heater that is need. Likewise, water temperature is another factor. Someone who wants hotter water will require more water, a bather that dilutes hot and cold will be able to fill tub higher with less hot water.

It depends on the Doctor and condition. There are cases where doctors will write a prescription for use of hydrotherapy for numerous ailments and even sometimes for mobility safety concerns. Please schedule a visit with your family doctor to find out if they will.

For models that have electrical components such as jets or lighting systems, a licensed electrician is required for hook up.

Yes it is standard to have a removable handheld shower that you can mount to wall if desired. It is also an option to pipe an additional shower head to wall.


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