Ella's Companion Soaker Walk In Tub

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An exceptional addition to the Ella’s Walk in tubs is the Companion Soaking model. This leisure tub offers two seats for a shared bathing experience. Ella’s Bubbles offers the only two seat tub in the world making it spacious enough for two. The Companion Massage Walk-In tub is equipped with textured slip resistant flooring for safer bathing. This luxury tub is perfect for two who want to share the bond and pleasure of soaking together.


30 1/4″x 59 3/4″x 37″

- Soaking or Dual massage


Water Capacity: Approximate 95 gallon capacity in unoccupied tub, 45-65 gallons in occupied tub considering two bathers.

Tub Shell — Acrylic Tub Shell
High quality cast acrylic grade A;
Excellent color uniformity;
5mm cast acrylic sheet;
Easy-to-clean, gloss finish (white);
Fiberglass gel coat reinforced.
Low threshold step in.
Nine (9) adjustable stainless steel heavy duty leveling legs.
Stainless steel and tempered glass door, door frame & rubber seal.
Three (3) front and one (1) end removable access panels.
Removable rubber back support white.
Two 2 inch floor drains with two overflows and openers.

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